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          General membership meetings are held on the Second Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:00P.M. at Mayville Fire Hall, Mayville, NY. These meetings are regular business meetings for the P.O.N.Y. Assoc. Officers & Delegates.

    No meeting is held in December.

    Guests are always welcome to attend meetings.

          If your horse club would like to join our Association & have a Pointed P.O.N.Y. Show, you must first join the Association. You can do that by contacting Mary Crandall.

    1. Dues - $20.00 per year - Due January 1st. Dues must be paid at the January meeting before Delegates will be allowed to vote on proposed rule changes.

    2. You must have an assigned Delegate to represent your Club at the meetings.

    3. Your Delegate must attend 7 of the 11 meetings a year to be eligible to have a P.O.N.Y. Pointed show and to vote at elections.

    4. Your club must sell a minimum of $300.00 in ads for the P.O.N.Y. Show Book or release a check to the P.O.N.Y. Assoc. for $300.00. This rule is whether you have a show or not, also if you hold more than one show you will be responsible for $300.00 per show. (Note: Ads from your area are good advertisements for both the Association & the advertisers)

          Nominations for Officers shall take place at the October meeting. Nominations may be accepted from the floor. Elections shall take place at the November meeting. This includes, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary & Point Secretary.

          Rule Changes: All requests for Rule Changes , additions or new Point Classes shall be by Petition. Proposed changes or additions will be considered by the P.O.N.Y. Assoc. Clubs only upon written request from any member club. Requested changed or additions shall be written & worded EXACTLY as they are to be put in the Rule Book & signed by all officers of the sponsoring club indication this request has the support of the member club. Request for new Point Classes shall be written & worded exactly as they are to be put in the rule book. The request should include a complete set of rules for the proposed class & also be signed by all the Officers of the sponsoring club.

          All requests for changes must be in the possession of the P.O.N.Y. Assoc. by the regular September meeting for Approval & submitted to the member clubs by the November meeting. The changes must be voted on & returned to the Assoc. by the January meeting. Petitions for rule changes will be accepted & voted on every three years, or as needed upon reasonable request to be addressed by petitioning the P.O.N.Y. Assoc. through the appropriate Delegates for each club.

    Member Clubs/Delegates

    Chautauqua Country Horsemen's Assoc.
    Muchell Vahl
    9414 Bailey Hill Rd.
    Clymer, NY 14724
    Chautauqua Saddle Club
    Mary Crandall
    P.O. Box 227
    Mayville, NY 14757


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