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          Any male or female who is 16 years or older prior to January 1st. & who is a member of one of the P.O.N.Y. Associated Clubs may compete for the title of Queen & King of the P.O.N.Y. Associated Clubs. Ages for the Princess & Prince division shall be 13 years thru 15 years.

          Contestants may be either single or married. There is no limit to the number of entries per club. This is a Closed Class & only those persons signed up for Points may participate. The Point Secretary will notify all clubs of the Point Riders in this class.

          Queen/King contestants will show together in the ring, as will Princess/Prince contestants. This class will be open to both English & Western riders. Contestants are to wear appropriate attire & use proper tack. If Western, spurs, rope & roll are optional.

          Each contestant is to pay a registration fee of $5.00 for their Horsemanship Class, however the weekly entry fee shall be the same as the regular classes, which is given to the Secretary of the P.O.N.Y. Associated Clubs & kept in reserve for the Final Awards, which include a Trophy, Crown & Championship Rosette. Every member club that conducts a Point Show MUST include a Horsemanship Class in their program. This class shall be judged & results placed in two (2) sealed envelopes to be given to the P.O.N.Y. Associated Club President & Point Secretary. The result will be kept in secret until the Awards Banquet. Each contestant will receive an Award indicating their placing throughout the year in addition to their Year End Awards. There will be NO weekly awards for this class, however each club will donate ten ($10.00) dollars per division to the P.O.N.Y. Associated Clubs in place of the weekly Awards. The donations will help to defray the cost of the Year End Awards for this class. Points to be awarded to each contestant will be the same as designated for all other Point Classes. Every contestant who enters 60% of the Horsemanship classes held will be eligible for Rosette Awards according to their standings at the time of the Annual Awards. There shall be a Queen & a King, Princess & a Prince, for the remaining contestants being Awarded First Runner Up, Second Runner Up, etc. in each of the four divisions.

           Contestants are to vote & decide among themselves on naming a Miss/Mrs. & Mister Congeniality for each division.

    Class Procedure:
          At the beginning of each show the judge will pick one (1) envelope from a possible twelve (12) to determine the class for the day.

    Possible Classes Will Be
    1. Horsemanship 2. Pole Bending
    3. Showmanship 4. Open Pleasure
    5. Trail 6. Break & Out
    7. Barrel Racing 8. Golf Ball & Soup Spoon
    9. Bareback Equitation 10. Keyhole

          Each contestant will receive a booklet at the beginning of the show season listing the twelve (12) classes. Included in the book will be rules, diagrams & procedures for each class. Each class will be run only once throughout the season so there will be no repeats in any show. Rules for each class will come from the P.O.N.Y. Association Rule Book. Game classes will not be placed on time alone, but will include correct pattern, equitation, good sportsmanship & good horsemanship. The Judge will determine the winner of all classes.

          At the end of the season all contestants will have a written test. This will break any possible ties & will test the knowledge of All contestants.

    Contestants, if you would like information on this class please contact:
    Janet Crandall
    PO Box 227
    Mayville, NY. 14757


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